Cromar OÜ was established in Rakvere in 2014 with the aim of providing high quality metalworking service. We can be sure of the quality because we have been dealing with metal processing in Estonia and Finland for more than 15 years and thus have long-term experience in manufacturing a wide range of structures from sauna stoves to agricultural and forestry trailers, trucks and mining machinery. Our main business is processing and welding sheet and pipe materials.

We have earned our customers` confidence thanks to excellent work quality and our ability to meet deadlines. Optimal value for money has also ensured success. Our clients are different companies from Estonia, for example Palmse Mehaanikakoda OÜ, Palmse Metall OÜ, Lisako OÜ, Lepna Ehitus OÜ, HAKA Plast OÜ, Baltic Welders OÜ.